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Zensun Voyage Garden

The project is about 3.5 kilometres away from the East Square of the East Highspeed Railway Station in terms of straight-line distance, and is located at the Hanghai East Road Station

Zensun Voyage Garden consists of 7 buildings with plot ratio of 2.99, covering 4 high-rise residential and supporting properties. The project is about 3.5 kilometres away from the East Square of the East High speed Railway Station in terms of straight-line distance, and is located at the Hanghai East Road Station of Metro Line 3 (under construction), the first phase of which is expected to open at 2021. Without commercial planning, the community has a quiet environment with people separated from vehicles. The buildings adopt the new Asian Chinese architectural style, which implants traditional elements into modern building system to achieve perfect combination of landscaping and architecture and create a lifestyle that combines artand elegance. With municipal leisure park – “Valley of Wisdom” to the West, the project enables the residents to truly live in the forest and breathe fresh air among flowers.

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